10 important reasons why your business need a Website

In times of digitization and in the middle of a pandemic (when people prefer buying from home), surprisingly, many companies still have not a website or they have a very unprofessional website. Is this your case?

If your answer is yes, then you should take action soon to have your own website and secure the following great opportunities and advantages for your business!

1. Visibility

A website is a showcase to the world. You can show your services and products. Clients in your city will know your business as well potential clients in other cities. Online visibility is very important for all business, specially for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), startups and entrepreneurs.

2. Always available

Your own business website can be reached 24 hours a day, regardless of opening times. And that worldwide, 365 days a year! Potential customers can find out more about your products and services at any time. In addition, your clients and prospective clients can find you quickly in Google and other search engines.

3. Same opportunities than big brands

Another advantage having your own web page allow your local business to compete online with big brands. Internet does not differentiate between well-known brands and unknown start-ups or between large and small business, but it does a difference between a professional and well visited website and web pages that are not good and less popular. With a professional homepage, even the smallest company can assert itself against the large companies. This fact ensures same opportunities: every small business, start up or entrepreneur can present his services and products to the customers with a great website and thus achieve a head start.

4. More sales!

A very important reason to have a website for your business is that you reach potential new customers online that you would never reach offline. You create an additional sales channel for your products with an online shop and generate new customers online for your local company.

5. Credibility

Your company or business look more professional and reliable if you have a web page. Besides, as you publish relevant information for your customers online, you build authority for your website and your domain, which helps your business to be found. On the contrary, not showing up in search engines is one of the quickest and most definitive ways to lose credibility, as it will make your company look dated and unreliable. And worst of all: you will be losing business opportunities!

6. Saving money and time in printed materials

All the information for your clients and potential clients could be available online in your web page without requiring to print flyers or brochures. Even, if you have your own website, you can have a online catalog! In addition, you can do the changes immediately without waiting to have the printed version.

7. Variety and more contact options

For a potential customer, it is not only important to be able to find out more about your company, but also to get in touch with it. The telephone has long been the classic instrument here. But there are other modern communication options that you can offer via a website: Email, a contact for on your own site, sales chat or a support chat and your website visitors can get in direct contact with you or your employees. Besides if you run a Facebook page or use WhatsApp Business, these messengers can be integrated as contact options.

8. Actuality

No other medium is provided with up-to-date information faster than your own website. A healthy company is constantly changing. New offers, current information, changed contact persons or changed opening times – customers can be informed immediately about such innovations via their own homepage. If this has been created with a content management system such as WordPress or TYPO3, you can even make simple changes yourself. That saves costs for a service provider. You do not have this advantage with other media such as daily newspapers, advertising brochures, flyers, posters, etc

9. You can control your content and online history (and not Facebook or Instagram)

Building your online presence through social networks, although important, is not the most convenient. Especially because your business is going to be tied to the policies of these platforms and to the famous algorithms changes. Imagine if Facebook block your account, then what you are going to do?

10. Your competition does too

Even if all these reasons why you should have a website for your business have still not convinced you of how important it is to present your company on the Internet, then you should at least remember: Your competitors are already active on the Internet! Just google for 5 of your competitors and see what you can find about them on the internet. Do you find little or unfavorable information? Then this is your chance to do better! Can’t you find any information about your competitors at all? Guess what? Jackpot because then they didn’t even realize the potential of the Internet as a communication channel.

Be quick, start now and take this great chance.

And be honest: When you want to contact with a new supplier or potential customer, don’t you first look on the Internet and find out more about the company? Exactly!!!! That’s is what others do it countless times with your company.

So, don’t lose more time and clients, have and use your own website to present your company – the ExpandMADE team will be happy to support you.

If you like to know how much does a cost a website, we suggest you to go to the Prices section.

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